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Celebrating 29 Glorious Years

Ramesh Regmi

After pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in 1992 in Civil Engineering from Pulchowk Engineering Campus, I was thinking of completely involved in construction field to enhance my career. However, when I met with Chuda Mani Bhandari, Managing Director of Heritage International Education, I was so impressed with his advice of further study in abroad. That day, he changed my mind.
I arrived in USA on the very first day of the New Year 2004 for my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I got an assistantship throughout my stay in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois. I was so grateful that I got that assistantship at the very first semester. After my graduation in 2006, I got a job in one of the prestigious company near my University in Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. I am working as a Civil Engineer since my graduation. I am very thankful to Heritage International for their cooperation and guidelines at the transition period of my life, which I would never forget in my life. Not only this, but also I was lucky to join my family i.e. my wonderful wife, and my lovely two children in the same year in July. Thanks to Heritage again for their guidelines to my family as well.